I want a refund. Software not fit for purpose.

I had to upgrade - I didn’t want to but after replacing my HDD and downloading a new version I had no choice.
This version is really bad. It always has problems connecting to my mailboxes even though Apple mail and even Outlook connect fine.
And I just dragged an important mail item from the junk folder to the inbox and it disappeared.
I don’t want to keep asking my clients to resend their email because I lost it!

This was a waste of money and I want a refund. How do I get it?

I did not see any recent threads where you asked for help with these issues. Maybe I missed them, or maybe as a Pro License user you opened a support ticket directly with eM Client. But if you want to open threads on this forum for the problems, it is possible that someone here from the user community can help you solve them. Otherwise, please contact eM Client for assistance.

There is a 30 day money-back guarantee, so there should not be any problem getting a refund. You will need to contact eM Client for that. Try sales@emclient.com

But, there was also no reason to upgrade if you were happy with the previous version. You can download and install any of the released versions from the Release History. Just don’t upgrade if prompted.