I try to restore from backup but changes are reversed.

My email server was hacked and my account had to be created from scratch. I have all my previous emails downloaded (and backed up) in eM Client, but when I restore the information from back up, it is deleted as the newly configured account has no emails in it. How can I change this in order the server info does not prevail? Thank you!!

One way is to disconnect from the Internet, then do the restore. Move the emails from the account folders to Local folders. Reconnect to the Internet, and after the account has synced with the server, move the emails from Local Folders to the IMAP folders.

If you can’t see the Local Folders, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

Dear Gary,

I’ve tried, but I get an error prompt stating that “Downloading items from server failed”.

I have also created a gmail account to transfer the mails and then copy one by one, but it fails the same…

Any other ideas? Thank you!!

I think that maybe the messages in the backup are not complete messages. Normally eM Client only downloads the header information for each email, and the content is downloaded from the server and displayed only when you click on the message.

So when you restore the database, you only have headers for the emails, and unfortunately the corresponding message bodies have now been deleted from the server.

I see that I have not ticked the “Download for off line use” feature, so it is probably as you said.

I can see the text of the emails, but no attachments or images.

Thank you for your help. Pity I didn’t realise this before…

Is there any way your email provider can restore your account?

No. They lost everything. I am changing provider actually…