I tried to import contacts from Windows Live Mail using excel and had zero luck.

I tried to import contacts from Windows Live Mail using excel and had zero luck. Can someone point me in the right direction?I had no problem exporting from WLM, then upon import to eM Client the data was totally unusable.

Hello Mark, not really sure what you’re suggesting by “using excel” can you please specify how did you try to import your data? You can import your contacts from your Windows Live Mail installation, by using the built-in import option in eM Client, navigate to File > Import > Import from Windows Live Mail or select to import your data from an existing CSV (sheets) file.


Excel = .csv.  I’ve imported/exported before without issue.  Also, the way you suggest only imports emails, which I did with success.  Some contacts were imported to specific folders, which I’m not really sure about how that all works, which is fine.  There is always a learning curve when using a new program.  However, with my WLM I kept a master contacts file which has everything in one place.  That is the file that has not imported. 

  1.  Please provide a step by step regarding importing contacts from WLM to eM Client.  Currently, when I imported, all I received was a bunch of first names and no other information.  I had all boxes checked when exporting, so that was no the fix.

I exported out of WLM to a .csv, then imported to eM previously.



Hello Mark, please make sure that you select the right columns when importing from a CSV file, note that when the CSV file is imported, your CSV is loaded and you often need to select what type of field does the column represent, otherwise the field may be ignored.

WLM import, imports your account settings and items from local folders, you can view imported local items in local folder, by enabling Local folders in Tools > Settings. Local folders should be listed in the left pane below your other accounts.

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Thank you.  I manually did the fields on the .csv import as opposed to having them done automatically by eM client.  All good.  Thank you.

Glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.