I think I found something "wrong"

When you hold down the SHIFT key and RIGHT CLICK an email, you get the option to DELETE it. However, it don’t skip the DELETED email folder! Is it supposed to? If you hold down SHIFT and press the DELETE button this works.

The option is Shift + Delete. It is a keyboard key combination, so the Shift key and the Delete key.

We have no option for Shift + right-click.

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Gary, this is still ann issue on 8/16/2023. Do this: RIGHT CLICK an email. You will get a small menu of items. One of the items is DELETE. IF you click that option, you will delete the email. NOW - do this AGAIN but this time HOLD DOWN SHIFT KEY. The deleted email SHOULD SKIP THE TRASH FOLDER. It does NOT.

It is a keyboard shortcut.

Just click on a message and use Shift + Del. That means the Shift key on your keyboard and the Del key on your keyboard.

Don’t right-click on anything, those are mouse actions.