I suddenly can't receive emails as I get message "authorisation failed".

I suddenly can’t receive emails as I get message “authorisation failed”. There is no problem seeing emails via webmail or smart phone.one . Any ideas how to resolve. My isp can’t help other than to check settings.

Who is your email provider?


Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and check that you have the following in your IMAP settings:

host: mail.talktalk.net
port: 993
security policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

I have a POP3 connection and as I was a Pipex client  the host is different. I don’t know why I suddenly can’t receive but can still send. Thanks anyway.

Who is the host?

For POP3 the port is 995, with Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy).

Thanks but that still brings up the same message.

Any more suggestions on how to resolve as this seems to be a common problem from looking at other threads? Tried turning off firewall but no difference. Would using IMAP instead of POP3 help?

The common problem is that the incorrect security policy is used. With port is 995 it has to be Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy).

Another problem when using POP3 with GMail, is you need to enable less secure apps in the Google settings, otherwise you get an authorization error. Maybe your email provider has something similar.

You could try IMAP. You can have both setup at the same time, so you don’t need to delete the POP3 account to test it. Deleting a POP3 account will delete the folder tree and messages, so be careful with that.

Ahhh… Pipex a bit old school there! :slight_smile:

The send and receive functions for email are split into two different connections so if you are able to send then that eliminates a few things.

Firstly, when you go into your Account settings as detailed by Gary above, check the server details for the POP3 and SMTP functions are to the same hostname. If so and with being able to send then you are resolving the name correctly and the server is up. If different names are being used then one of the severs may be down or the name/service deprecated.

Secondly, I would always suggest using IMAP over POP3 for your email if your hosting allows it and you have the storage space. The key difference from a user perspective is that IMAP leaves the messages on the server and syncs changes between the mail client and server so that the emails and state of the Mailfile are the same on both. This allows you to have your email the same on several devices and an change made in one place will be replicated to the other devices. POP3 simply downloads the messages from the server to the client and usually removes them from the server after a short while. Thus your email is only in one place, on the client, and this can lead to losses of data if not managed correctly.

Thirdly if you do change your settings to use a different protocol then also change the ports to the SSL ones if you are not already using them already. What port is your SMTP connection on? There is a hostname for a connection along with a port number and these may both need changing.


Yeah, I used PIpex in the 90s when I was splitting my time between the UK and US. Really have not used them since I moved from ISDN to DSL, so don’t know what issues they have.

Their main issue is they don’t exist anymore! ;)  They were swallowed up into Talk Talk ages ago.