I see I'm not the only one needing the Whitelist ability

I can’t believe I own a copy of Outlook 2019, which I abandoned for your e-mail client, only to find out you lack the simplest of features, the ability whitelist contacts or domains. I require the ability to do this. I receive hundreds of e-mails a day, and only about 2% of them actually need to be looked at by me or another human. Your ‘Blacklisting’ feature is spotty at best because there are millions of JUNK domains out there, so I am forever adding domains to an ever-growing list that will NEVER stop growing and occasionally it removes e-mails I need to see because a keyword Rule catches it.

Please (many pleases) add the ability to create a Whitelist of contacts and/or domains (or both) to your Rules engine so that those of us who are not enterprises and are using legacy e-mail addresses (think @yahoo.com or @att.net, etc.) (and don’t have a server-side rules engine to effectively manage our e-mail) can use your client. I love it except for this one issue which will drive me away if I can’t find a resolution to it soon.

Just for context, my inbox has currently over 7,500 e-mail in it, and only about 2% of those e-mail are actually something I need to see.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!

eM Client has no spam detection ability, so no need for a whitelist.

The only way eM Client can move spam to the Junk folder, is if you have a Rule to do that. So like when you have added the address or domain to the Blacklist Rule. It is pointless to have a Rue to move it to Junk, then another to move it back.

Yes a “in google contacts” rule would be very welcome, as it would reduce the amount of rule editing that has to go on, AND be effective against most spam. The ability to filter by labels as well would be even better. It would result in less maintenance work for me.

May not be ideal, but perhaps you can create a rule that will contain ‘allowable email addresses’ and move them to a “need to see” folder. Place the rule in the #1 position of the rules list.

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Yes, this could be a solution, if a little dangerous.

So something like creating a Rule to move all messages received to Junk, except for those from a few nominated addresses.

Some free email providers like Microsoft can do that already. Maybe Yahoo! has a similar function.


As I said… “may not be ideal”… :wink: :laughing:

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Looking at Yahoo filters you can Set an email that has arrived in the Yahoo Spam folder as “Not Spam” so it allways arrives in your Inbox.

“Mark emails as not spam Yahoo Mail”


  1. Open the Spam folder. If you don’t see the “Spam” folder, click More below the “Sent” folder.
  2. Select the email.
  3. Click Not spam to move the message into your inbox, and future messages from this sender will be delivered to the inbox

Or you can setup a Yahoo Filter manually to whitelist an email address or domain etc to allways arrive in your Inbox.

“Create Yahoo filters”


  1. Click the Settings (cog icon) | Select More Settings
  2. Click Filters.
  3. Click Add new filters.
  4. Enter the filter name, set the filter rules, and choose or create a folder for the emails.
  5. Click Save at the bottom
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I’m confused. If there’s no SPAM detection ability, then why is there an unalterable rule called SPAM in the Rules list? I figured this rule was likely using some of the well-published blacklisted domains from Norton, McAfee, etc. If it’s not doing anything, I should be able to delete it since I can’t determine if its interfering with any of my other rules. And whitelists aren’t just for SPAM; your program uses a Whitelist to determine whether or not to download images and links so everything is plain text. You don’t need a Whitelist for this, you can just set the e-mail format to ‘Plain Text’. That’s not SPAM to me. SPAM is, by definition, ‘unsolicited and unwanted junk email sent out in bulk to an indiscriminate recipient list. Typically, spam is sent for commercial purposes. It can be sent in massive volume by botnets, networks of infected computers.’

I see a couple of other interesting strategies further down the thread I may try but I really think eM should think about this a bit more. I paid for the lifetime license, I was so happy with your program, but this has really been killing my joy.

Thanks again!

The spam detection is done by the server. If it has marked the message as spam, but not moved it to Junk, then the Spam filter Rule will move it.

eM Client can’t detect spam, just messages that the server has marked as spam.

I do not have that rule in my rules list, which means I was able to delete it or you can try marking the rule as INACTIVE?