I reported this odd problem with copying and pasting a link within a message and then altering the destination file.

In the message body, I typed a link to a file on my server www.ftpserver.com/1.mp4
I copied and pasted that line two lines down and then changed the 1.mp4 to 2.mp4…
I did this to save time and not have to retype the whole string.  I sent it to its destination.

Now here’s the strange part… when I touch (hover over) the links  in the sent copy, sometimes the balloon help show the two links as different and other times the file destination is 1.mp4 for both.  The message text says 1.mp4 and 2.mp4 but the 2nd link’s source code, balloon help or the status bar when examining the reply copy, says 1.mp4!

Then I go out, come back in and its correct!  If I click on the clink in the sent copy or ctrl-click
the link in the draft, the browser comes up with whatever has decided to show itself in the balloon help or the status bar.

I tried the same on line with gmail’s client and mailbird.  This is unique to eM Client.
In the end, I must not copy/paste a link multiple times and alter a part of that string.