I receive but cannot send messages.

I am running eM Client 7.0.27943.0 under Windows 10, and early Sunday morning I was able to send and receive just fine.  On my way out of town at the airport, I could receive messages but I could not send any; the outgoing messages just sit in the outbox and I receive no error messages.  My ISP says that everything on their end looks just fine, and I can send and receive using their Webmail facility.  Do you have any suggestions?

Hello Doug,
if a message is stuck there must be an error indicating why it did not send (no connection at the time, incorrect adress, etc.) - maybe the error window just didn’t pop up correctly.
Try sending a message and then manually check the Menu>Tools>Operations window.
Check the Error tab and either scroll through or copy the Log tab here.


Here is a snippet from my most recent error log.

Thank you for your help.

I have been able to resolve my problem of not being able to send emails by using a virtual private network (VPN).  I am travelling and, perhaps, my ISP’s (Cox) servers may have been rejecting my outgoing messages as my location is unusual for them to see.

Perhaps my current solution can aid others.

Hello Doug,
thank you for sharing the solution to your problem.


Hi Doug,

Re your error of not being able to send emails at the airport but could receive ok.

If you are using a pop account email setup within EMClient and are away from home trying to send email via another connection (such as the airport) as you mentioned, you would normally need to change the SMTP server address to the ISP of the server you are physically connected to at the time. Otherwise you will generally get a smtp relaying type authentication error as you got in that screenshot.

Normally only if use use an IMAP setup, are you then able to send mail using any connection. Sending the mail via the VPN normally wouldn’t have made any difference, but glad it’s working.