I no longer want to receive emails from you, as I do?

I no longer want to receive emails from you, as I do? I receive email notifications by noreply.emclient@getsatisfaction.com.  I no longer want to receive these notifications. Erased me from your newsletter!

To stop getting emails from them simply click their link in an email you get from them and follow the instructions.  See below:

Useless response. When click the link shown – to steop receiving emails, etc.-- another page opens with other conversations. There are NO instructions shown that can be followed. Is it even possible to get rid of EMclient emails? Probably not, but if any one has an answer, I’d love to know it.
Nicholas  Clifford   clifford@middlebury.edu

Well, sorry you found my response useless.  I have no personal need to stop receiving said emails, so forgive me for not actually trying the link.  It appeared to me that you had not tried it; hence, my comment.  

If it doesn’t work, as you claim, then perhaps an eM Client employee will see your current comment here and respond to your issue.  

Update:  Apparently the “stop receiving notifications about here” message just stops the current, specific topic being discussed. So, if one has replied to several different topics, it would appear that each must be stopped independently. Or does attempting to stop any of them just fail for you?

Hello Nicholas,
eM Client itself sends you no emails, unless you ask for resetting your license information.
These emails are generated by the forum which is provided to us by GetSatisfaction.
You need to click your name in the upper right corner of the Forum website and go to your Profile.
Click Email & Notifications and uncheck any or all the options, depending on which emails you want to stop.