I need to see the folder where the email is (without clicking)

At the moment if one will see in which folder the email is saved, one has to click right on the header-area of the email and choose “Details”.

I would need to be able to see this information right-away in the header section of the email.
AND it would be necessary too to be able to filter/search (like in gmail) with “folder:xxxx” only in a specific folder without having to actually go there.


The solution:
You can have folders visible in a separate column in Message list, but Conversations need to be turned off or set to show in Message detail only (Menu>View>Conversations) and you need to use single-line layout instead of compact one - as that one has less details by design.
In single-line view you can then right-click the top and use ‘Columns configuration’ to add the Folder column like this:

II’ll add the idea on showing the folder information inside the message detail to our feature request list, so the developers can consider it.
Thank you for the feedback.

Best regards
(This is the answer from customer care and it works fine, Thanks)

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