I Need To Back Up ALL my E-mails (Not just logs)

I want to backup all my e-mails (incoming and outgoing) as well as my phone book and anything else which I would need to set everything up again if my computer went down. I would be storing all this data on a cloud backup. Where are all the necessary files located on the C drive? You gave one reply as follows:

Well currently the only way how to backup all data is simply by copying data folder of eM Client. This folder is located in c:/document and settings/AppData/eM Client (this path may be slightly different on different versions of Windows). We plan to add user friendly backup functionality to the next version.
However mentioned procedure will work. eM Client store all its data in this directory {we don’t use any register settings etc).

The trouble is that in my case, the eM Client folder simply opens to Logs and logs opens to…logs (no e-mails). I need to get everything copied. Help!

What version of eM Client are you using? You should be able to create full backup of all your data here: menu “File” - Backup

Hope it helps.