I need privacy!

my calendar info is being sent to a hotmail account, and I don’t know why, I am inable to access this hotmail account to even try to stop it from that direction. Can you advise?

Let me see if I get this right. You got a Live/Hotmail account, and it syncs to your calender, correct? No other on-line calender you have to avoid confusion.

EM Client 3.0 by default create event using your local calender. However, if you schedule a meeting from a e-mail off your Live/Hotmail account, by that action, it will put event on Live Calender. There should be tick-box next to your local calender and your Live Calender. Untick the local and tick only the Live Calender to see whether you actually have any entries in the Live Calender. If it does, it a usage/user mistake.

If you don’t wish to use Live Calender at all, go to the menu -> Tools -> Account. Select the hotmail/Live account and choose calender. In there, it has a tick box called “Enable Service”. Untick the box to disable the Live Calender in eM Client.

I’m not sure I understand the poster. We do not support calendars on Hotmail and neither do we plan to support them in short term.