I need help!

Em client now syncranizes my folders after obtaining my messages. It never did the before. How do I fix this? Cheers!

I really don’t understand the problem.  You don’t want it to sync?  What did it do before?  Did you change anything?

No I do not want it to sync! When I opened up the program before, it downloaded all my messages, then quit. It never did anything else. I only changed the font settings a few times, but that’s all! For some reason it downloads and syncs my folders every 10 minutes now! What should I do? Cheers!

Try going to menu/tools/settings/general and in the Synchronization section, uncheck both items.

Having a similar problem.   every time I restore a previously backuped emclient file within minutes it attempts to synch with the telus server and immediately deletes some very critical legal files.

The whole idea behind IMAP is to synchronize, so there is not really anyway to disable this.  The only way to not synchronize is to setup your account as POP3, which simply downloads emails from the server as they are received.  You can’t switch an account from IMAP to POP3, you will have to set it up as a new account.  To do this, instead of using the automatic setup, select “Mail” and choose “Other”