I need help and I have problem with eM Client

Hello friends.
I am writing to you in regarding to eM Client. I recently downloaded eM Client and I think it’s a great piece of invasion. But I recently have got a problem with it, when I open the application my inbox emails shows up to about 50 to 100 email and it automatically goes back down to zero email and automatically it goes slowly up to 50 and 200 emails, and also it does not shows sent emails, draft emails and other folders, it used to show over few thousand emails.

I have removed my emails from the application so many times and connect it back together but it does not work and I have also uninstalled the application and re-downloaded but still it does the same thing. could you please help me out to resolve this problem.

Looking forward hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

Hello Jamil,
sorry for the delayed reply. Can you please share more information about your actual set up though?
What version of eM Client are you currently running? Please copy the full number from Help>About section.
What mail account does this happen on? Is it Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo/Other kind of account?
What mail protocol is it set up with - POP/IMAP/Exchange? Check the tabs in Tools>Accounts section if you are not sure.