I need 3 questions answering before purchasing 2 pro licenses for 2 computers on the same user.

I need 2 questions answering before purchasing 2 pro licenses for 2 computers on the same user. 1) Why for the same user do you need 2 licenses? 2) When forwarding an email, how do you forward it with the original attachments? When I have tried to forward an email, the attachments are not included! This feature I need. 3) Why does the app scan for corrupted files, saying the app was not closed correctly, when it was?

Answers to your questions:

1)  The eM Client license is for 1 computer.  You can have multiple users one one computer, but only 1 computer.  That’s just the way it is, don’t know why.  I will say, there is a significant discount for purchasing 2 licenses at one time.

2)  You would use the “Forward as original” option.  This will include the attachments.

3)  Not sure about this, sometimes if you close windows with closing eM Client first, that will occur.  I always make it a habit to close eM Client before closing windows.  It’s possible that something like an anti-virus program is keeping the database open, which could lead to this issue.

Thanks for the info, the forward as the original works.  Regarding the scanning for corrupt files, no I always close all apps before closing windows and turning off the computer.  But, this I will have to live with, it’s just a pain.
One further question, if I buy 2 licences for 2 computers at the same time because it is cheaper this way, do I have to activate them at the same time?  One I want to activate immediately on 1 computer as I only have less than 1 day of the trial period left,  but the other I want to leave for a few weeks to activate.  Is this possible?

You can activate them anytime you like.

Fantastic. Will purchase inn the morning.

Not sure if that is accurate; if you purchase 2 licenses together at the discounted price and activate the license on ANY computer, then the license, which is good for use on 2 computers, is activated. You would need to purchase 2 separate single licenses in order to achieve what you are describing, I believe.  

Hello Lynn,

If you purchase a two-seat licence, you will get one licence key that can be used on two devices. It is totally up to you when you decide to activate each of those seats.

With the purchase, we also give you access to our Licencemanager where you can deactivate/activate licences in case that you buy a new computer for example and you wish to move the activation there.


So, just to clarify: if I purchase 1 license for 1 USER - can I install the app both on my desktop and my laptop?

Hello Robert,

If you wish to use eM Client on your desktop AND on your laptop, you need to purchase two licences. If you buy them at the same time, the multi-purchase discount will apply to this sale.

You can find more at: http://www.emclient.com/purchase-em-client