I mis the language Dutch Setting. from :[email protected]


Looks great but unfortunately no Dutch language available.
(Ziet er goed uit maar is helaas niet Nederlandstalig).

Make it available and it’s gonna be a succes among Dutch Windows 7 users.
(Omdat Windows 7 geen eigen e-mail programma heeft zou dit een uitstekende keus zijn mits Nederlandstalig).

I would be willing to translate into Dutch, if it weren’t for the scam of the ‘free’ account being for just TWO mail accounts … what a laugh…

I don’t really see the issue with just one “free” account?
I’d be willing to help too, but don’t underestimate it. It’s a *LOT* of work.

On a side note: wouldn’t it be a good idea to make the spelling checker compatible with some open source spelling checker, like the one from Open Office, for example?
Like that, the people behind this tool wouldn’t need to deliver a spelling checker of their own for every single language.

I’m working on the Dutch translation, but I am very busy with my company. Sorry for the delay.

I think we don’t REALLY need a Dutch version of the program. Translations bring extra potential bugs, it’s a lot of work, and most Dutch people speak English very well, or at least they understand it rather well, surely well enough to use an email client.

Again: The main thing we’d need is the spelling checker. Why not making an option to use an open source spelling checker, like the one from Open Office?

Ok, I’ll have a look at that first, 'cause that shouldn’t be that hard to implement I guess.

By the way, a translation can’t create bugs. The software only.

Seems we have a problem. I have the dictionairy that is used in Mozilla-products, but it seems that EmClient is using another format. Can this please be confirmed by one of the developers?

Thanks in advance.

I was an IT’er for about five years. We had more than our share of translation bugs. It’s not the kind of bugs that make a program inoperable as such, but things like “text too large for a button” or “inconsistent terminology” or “translations that cause misunderstandings” and whatnot.
Even Microsoft products have had translation bugs that caused quite some mishaps.

maybe it is a good idea to create dutch translation in several steps. Localize main forms first and then continue with other stuff. It is very simple to do this with our localization tool. At the moment, we are not able to provide full dutch localization internally, we really need your help.

I already use your localize-tool, but I have my own business which consumes a lot of time.

About spellchecker dictionaries: we use netspell spellcheck format, which is very similar to standard ispell or myspell format. Main difference is that it defines words and affixes in only one file (in opposite of two files: aiff and dic). So converting from openoffice format to netspell format is a matter of several minutes. I did this process for swedish spellcheck dictionary from open office and you can download it here: http://www.emclient.com/localization/… (just download it and unpack to dictionaries directory in program files and sweedish spellchecker should be now in spellcheck menu). Please note, I cannot guarantee you anything and I can’t really test it because I know zero swedish words. Hope this will help a little.

I already searched the internet for ispell/myspell dutch.dic, But only find files which I can’t open. (nederlands.aff and nederlands.hash). Can you do something with that?

So I converted a dutch spellcheck dictionary for you. You can download it here: http://www.emclient.com/localization/…, just unpack it to dictionaries directorry in Program Files/eM Client.
Hope this will help…

Has solved the problem Michal. Works like a charm, thank you. But it seems like you can’t add new words is that correct?