program works fine,but is very slow to start up.Can I do anything to speed it up ?

Hello Ken,
do you mean the actual startup before the application opens or the initial synchronization?
Also, does eM Cleint startup when you turn on your computer or is this for individual opening of the application?


I have eM Client set to open when I start the pc , but it is just as slow to open if I use it later from my task bar icon.

Hi Ken,
could you measure how long exactly the startup takes?
How big is your database? (Location of the database folder is in Tools>Settings>General>Storage)
How many accounts do you have set up?


Hi Olivia,
Many thanks for your help.
Average start up time is 7 or 8 seconds, written down it doesn’t sound long. Am I being unrealistic expecting anything faster ?
Database is 312MB,1 folder,149 files.
I have two accounts set up–Gmail and Outlook.
Does this tell you anything ?
Ken Mitchell.