I Love eM Client just a couple requests for consideration

I would love it if you could add conversation view and also either make the toolbar icons a little larger or make them so I can organize them as I need.  I just switched from Post Box since their calendar sync doesn’t work anymore and support is almost nil.

Hi Brooke,

I’m glad you like eM Client!

The 2 suggestions you have, are already posted here on the forum (strange that they didn’t show up when you were looking for this; maybe there’s a bug in the forum software?).

Conversation view seems to be difficult to implement, buy hopefully it will be part of eM Client 7 (which is still many months away from launch, though).

Sometimes people post ideas here to improve eM Client. You can vote for those ideas: the more votes, the higher the chance it will be implemented.

Hi Brooke, thank you for the suggestion, we’re currently considering these options, conversation view should be an available feature in an upcoming release of eM Client, however no exact date has been set yet for the release of this version, however you might find the “communication history” feature useful in the meantime. To view conversation history, right click the sender’s email and select “communication history” or select Contact details in the sidebar and view communication history.

Hope this helps,

+1 for toolbar customization and bigger buttons