i lost one of my accounts

I had 4 email accounts before upgrading to em version7.
Now i can only have 2 email.
but em disabled one of the account that i need to be activate.
how do i do that.

Hi VirtualN,

If you do not have a lifetime license for eM Client, you might have to buy a new license for version 7.

The free version of eM Client supports only 2 e-mail accounts.

As stated above Ver 7 Needs a new license (Ver 6 Professional  cannot be used for ver 7) 
Assuming you wiill not upgrade the license
To activate the most important email account  go to
   and delete one that you do not really need. (On right look for garbage can)
   Then add a new email account that you really need for the 2 account limit.

How many email account does the lifetime license for em client has??

A lifetime license (paid) is a pro license for aurrent and all future versions.  Number of accounts is unlimited.