I lost all my emails when I tried to export my contact list to gmail in order to sync with my phone. I have done this before w/o any issue.

I can find emails from eM client in the trash of gmail! However most are not there at all. Can you tell me how to transfer my contact list to my android phone w/o going through gmail?

Hello Bob, not quite sure what you’re referring to, you can export your contacts into .vcf files by using the import option in File > Export, or you can export your contacts into a .CSV file by selecting the contacts in your contact list and right clicking your selection, navigate to Export > Export to CSV and a CSV file should be generated in selected folder.

However please note eM Client is a synchronisation tool and if you’re using the application with your Gmail account, all the items should be available on the server, thus you should be able to synchronize the contacts with your mobile device by setting up the contact account on your device, all contacts should then be automatically synchronised.

Unfortunately eM Client does not support any direct contact transfer.