I keep making distibution lists and they keep depopulating. How do I fix this or is it a bug?

I was not able to reproduce this in the latest version of eM Client.

Is the distribution list saved in a synced contact folder? If so, who is your email provider?

Yes it it is in a synced contact folder.  The email provider is Att/yahoo.

I am about to abandon this software if I can’t get an answer.  Nobody from the company monitors this forum?  I am trying the free version, but definitely will not go with the paid version if this keeps up.  I’ll pay for Outlook.  Can anyone help?

This is a community support forum for users of the Free License. Support is generally provided by other users. The forum is monitored by eM Client support, and they do also sometimes participate.

I personally don’t think you can expect much more from a free product. If you require immediate support, then you need to consider purchasing a Pro License, which entitles you to VIP support.

I also cannot reproduce this error (however, I am using Gmail).  Although this is primarily a user forum, eM Client staff does frequently respond.  However, Pro Support is one way to get more prompt attention (they usually respond within 24 hours).

Since this is a synced account, you might try deleting the account and recreating it.

Also, I believe they have a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you purchase the software and they cannot solve your issue, they will offer a refund.

Jay I tried to reproduce it on a yahoo account, which works differently from Gmail because it is CardDAV.

The distribution list always remained intact.