I keep getting the same Error message reported by others

I found this from a few months ago on the forum, and there seem to be many others with the same one, but I can’t find any solutions.

I started using eM Client very recently. I have two email accounts set up on it, but I keep getting this pop up repeatedly about one of them. I am receiving some emails on the named ‘Problem’ email account, but I still get this type pop up many times per day. 

Does anybody know if there was ever a suggestion to fix this please ?

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I am getting repeated message “an attempt to connect IMAP has failed”. Once I restart emC it works for a short while and then again the error messages.

Whats wrong?

me too.
seems to have got more frequent lately.

Sometimes these things are fixed in newer releases, so check at [http://www.emclient.com/release-history](http://www.emclient.com/release-history a “Link http//wwwemclientcom/release-history a”) and ensure you are using the latest version.

John, if the two accounts are both on the same server, check to see that you have the same settings for both accounts. If they are not with the same provider, check with their support as to what the preferred settings are. Or as it is an IMAP account, you can remove the account from eM Client and add it again. That would ensure you have the default settings for that account.

If it is just occasional messages, and you don’t want to see them, you can disable the notifications in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Operations Window.

Thanks Gary,

Yes, I have the most recent version. The settings are the same for both email accounts. Bizarrely, today, the pop up error message was for both accounts rather than just the gmail one ?

I will try your suggestion, to remove each account and add them again to see if that works.

Many thanks again for your input.

I have now removed both accounts and added them again in turn, but the error messages continue randomly for both accounts.

I now have to switch off the notifications, but I am not happy with continuing to use eMClient, just hoping that no messages are failing to reach me !

Are you aware that there are some problems over at Yahoo? Maybe this is similar to what has been affecting your accounts.


Thanks Gary.

I see that it resolved itself, but I’m unclear whether the consensus was that it was a fault with Yahoo, or with eMClient ?
My service is with TalkTalk, and I have never had this error message with previous email programs. I will give this a while longer, but will then look to a different email program.

OK, so still getting the above same error messages for one or other of my email accounts. It is hugely disappointing that despite this error being reported on here by many people for over a year, nobody from eM Client seems to be resolving it. Surely this can’t be due to it being the Free Version !

So, tired of not knowing if I had received all emails, due to the error messages, this afternoon I Uninstalled eM Client. Not only did it require me to restart my PC after Uninstall, unlike other Uninstall operations, but on restart, my whole system was all over the place :frowning:

Very, very displeased, and I am amazed that this email program comes highly recommended on many google searches.

That is strange behaviour. What version of Windows are you using?

Uninstalling eM Client does not prompt for a system restart, nor does it affect the operating system by leaving it “all over the place”. I have done hundreds of installations when testing this application, and I have never seen that. I am thinking maybe there is something more going on with your computer.

Hi Gary

Windows 7

I have tried Opera mail as an alternative, and I can Install / Uninstall without restart.

Only eMClient has required a system restart.

And if you have done hundreds of installations, have you never had the ‘error messages’ that I and numerous others report ?

Sorry, I have not tested the software on Windows 7.

I have personally seen this connection error only a few times after installation, but it was always resolved, mostly by changing to the correct server settings. Once I saw it because of a problem with an app specific password, and once with a POP3 configuration because less secure apps was not enabled. Did you contact Yahoo support to see if there is something they could suggest?

Maybe there is some bug in eM Client, I don’t know. It is odd that many Yahoo accounts seem to have problems at the same time though.


I am not a yahoo customer.

Ah, there’s the problem. Check the account settings because you have the wrong server name. The error you posted says it was for a yahoo.com server.

Hi Gary

Check the history of this error. They are all the same, but with different servers. I just copied one that happened to be a yahoo one. I am sorry if that caused you to concentrate on that server.