i keep getting a notice that emClient is having trouble connecting to my gmail account. i just click on ignore.

Same here trying to connect to godaddy cpanel mail.  Works fine on iDevices with exact same settings.  Have done “Diagnostics” in emClient and it claims to have fixed it, but no go.

So I bailed on the old account setup that worked, deleted it, and setup a new one.  The new account auto configured and it works fine now.  It looks the same as the old one.  There must be something behind the scenes that was corrupt of not set right.

thanks Mark. I did the same thing - reinstalled - so let’s see how it goes.

Hi Mark, Hi Millie,
unfortunately these errors can ocassionaly be caused by minor connectivity issues between your client and the server. The error may be displayed when the connection is dropped but should automatically reconnect immediately.
Unless you have issues while receiving/sending email, it’s nothing to worry about.

You can even hide these errors from showing in Tools > Settings > General.

Hope this helps,

how can “hiding the error” FIX something?