I just want to sync a calender on my pc running windows 8 to my iphone 5s without using outlook.

I have been searching many forums and cannot find a simple answer as to how do you sync a calender between a windows pc and an I phone 5s without purchasing outlook. Is there a fairly simple, cheap way to do this or am I talking apples and donuts. I currently Have a windows live calender, an em client calender and a free outlook.com calender. On my phone I currently have a crappy calender it came with. Is this too much to ask?

Just a suggestion. I use Google Calendar and synch it to eM Client. Not for hardliners but works for me.

Since eM Client 6 does support Outlook.com calendars I think the easiest solution is to set the Outlook.com calendar on both your laptop and your phone and it should get synchronized automatically.

Thanks for the responses. I am currently using Icalender on all of my family phones synced to google calender and em client. Still a work in progress though. It seems that if I want to add an event on a phone that will be posted on all of the family phones and en client I have to enter it into google calender on the phone not Icalender.

so it does work for you now? :slight_smile:


Well it was working but suddenly eM client stopped syncing to my google calendar. I recently started getting messages telling me that I can only have 2 accounts unless I upgrade. Any Ideas?

with free license you can use only 2 accounts max, if you want to use more then you will need to buy pro license.


I believe I am only using one account unless I am misunderstang something. I have em client running on one computer only. that means i have one account, right?

you can check in Tools - Accounts how many lines you have there, with free license you will be able to use only first 2.