I just upgraded my EM client program and I have lost all my local folders

I just upgraded my EM Client program and have lost all my current local folders. The real old ones are still there.  I have a separate address than my husband and when I looked at his his folders did not come over at all.  HELP

I had what sounds like a similar problem but managed to restore my system to just before the eM Client update which wiped my emails - in Windows 10, I searched for ‘System restore’ in the search bar next to the Windows icon. This led to ‘Create a restore point’ and it was then just a case of following the onscreen instructions. The emails were restored and my panic was over! I won’t be attempting to update eM Client again, at least until I’m assured that this issue has been fixed.


If you’re missing your data, could it be that you accidentally skipped the data migration from eM Client 6? This is needed because eM Client 7 has a new database structure.
You can import this data manually using the Menu -> File ->Import -> Import from eM Client 6 option (unless you selected and confirmed an option for deleting your old data).


Thank you it worked regards Sandra