I just installed an em Client update and now it asks for an activation key and won't work online. Help!

8/29/2015 I just installed an em Client update and now it asks for an activation key and won’t work online. Help!

I am facing the same issue, my trail is only 14 days old

Hello Bob, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, are you having this issue after a windows update or an eM Client update only? Can you please try to re-activate your client using your activation key and check if the issue persists?

If it does, can you please make a screenshot of the error and submit it to us here on the forum for more information?

To check the release version, please navigate to Help > About.

Thank you,

I still had time left on my trial. I got a message that there was an update. I let it update and now I’m locked out because I don’t have a license.

Are you currently using this release version, 6.0.23181.0 ?

I’m sorry for this issue but unfortunately it seems like there’s an issue with the activation server, we’ve experienced a couple of downtimes over the past few days and still working on inspecting this issue, you can activate a free license if you’re now unable to use the application, to register the free license navigate to http://www.emclient.com/free-license and register for a free license.


I solved the problem by getting a new activation key. I didn’t even remember that I used one in the first place, so it took a while to figure that out. This occurred when I updated to the latest version as recommended.

Glad it works, it seems like we’re having an issue with trial mode being deactivated with the latest release, but please note the application always requires a valid license (Free or PRO) in order to use the application once the trial mode runs out.

Please make sure to let us know if you come across this issue again.


Yes, that is the version I am using. Unfortunately, I have more than two email addresses, so the free license doesn’t help me. With the lack of premium support during the trial and now this, I feel a little abused as a new customer.

We had a small server issue that we were unable to detect prior to this update, I’m sorry if this has caused any inconvenience, you should be able to re-activate using your free license without any issues - if you were in your trial period send us a message at [email protected] and we will gladly issue a testing license for the trial period if you’re evaluating the program for purchase.

However please note that Free license users are not entitled to priority support and can only use the community support as the official free support channel, however note that some issues can’t be resolved on spot, thus the resolution of the process can take some time.


I did not know this was not free. Will it still work when the license expires?

Hello Peter,
eM Client has 2 licensing options, FREE license for home use, PRO license for work/commercial use.
Unless you break the license policy, your FREE license will never expire but be renewed automatically.
Either way, you need to activate your license key in Help>License section.


Thank you, Olivia, will do.