I installed three hotmail accounts (outlook.com) in em client, and I am having issues with 2 of the 3 email accts. not receiving emails

Hello, hope there’s someone out there that can help.  I am using Windows 7 desk top computer, and am presently having issues with 2 of the 3 hotmail accounts in em client.  I downloaded and installed the free trial version of em client, but I will be purchasing the upgraded version soon.  Actually I just realized (stupid me) that em client’s free/trial version will only allow two email accounts.  Could this be causing a conflict with em client that’s causing these issues?  During the initial set up I used the automatic set up feature.  Also when encountering the issues on the email account that I’m having issues with in receiving emails in the inbox, I used the “Diagnose” feature, then click the “Fix” button, of which it would automatically do it’s thing to achieve the green check marks on both the SMTP & IMAP.  I am getting an error message on one account that says:  “Synchronizing folder XXX@hotmail.com/Tasks failed due to the following error; the remote server returned an error; (500) internal server error”  Also for some unknown reason, my other hotmail account will not receive any emails in the inbox.  The only way I can view the email is I have to click on the “All Inboxes” in the smart folder.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks…   

Since the free license is only for 2 accounts, you can define in hotmail account to read emails from other account, so you use 2 accounts in emclient.

Thanks yishay… During the process of composing my message here, I thought about that.  So I should just remove one account correct?  Again, thanks…       

Hotmail has been migrated over to Microsoft’s Outlook.com.  You can keep your email address as is (xxxxx@hotmail.com) but you may need to check your Email account setting for incoming/outgoing server names (IMAP incoming server=imap-mail.outlook.com, outgoing=smtp-mail.outlook.com).  See the below link for more info.
And note that EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) is no longer supported by Microsoft.
Let me know how it works for you.