I have tried renewing my free service when I got the reminders. I was told that there was an active key already

If you are getting an error, can you post it here, or maybe a screenshot of this reminder?

Are you maybe trying to use more than two email accounts with the Free License?

Or are you trying to use the same Free License on more than one computer?

No, my email has been shut off and I am trying to renew a free account.  Last night I gave up and bought the pro. version and I still do not have email functioning. They say it is being sent but I still can’t open my account. 

If you have lost your activation key, either Free or Pro, go tothe web site and enter your registered email address. A copy of the activation key will immediately be sent to you.

When you say you can’t open your account, what does that mean? Are there any errors?

I mean they have shut down my account and I can no longer send or receive email!

If you are suspected of using a Free License for business use, they will cancel the license after informing you that they intend to do that. If you are not violating the license agreement, you have the opportunity to reply to their message and they will reinstate it.

But you said you purchased a Pro License. What is the issue with that license? I have not heard before where they cancel a Pro License.