I have to install License Daily

I am using the free version since I only want email, no other services. I am using the latest version, and have to re-enter my license number almost daily. I went ahead and sent my self a email with the number in it as the title, and keep it in my In Box, so I can copy and paste from it each day to be able to download my email.

I try every day to also download a newer version, but it says No Update Available. Anyone else have the same problem? Is there a fix?

This does my email fine, but the reinstalling the license daily is a PITA. Maybe this is like Nag-Ware, torture for using the free version. :slight_smile:

Grab the current versions here

It shouldn’t do that, but it might if you are using the same license on more than one computer.

OK, downloaded the new version. Will try it for a couple of days and advise… Thanks