I have to activate eM Client every time I start my computer. How can I solve this?


Hi, can I ask you if you use one license on multiple computers?


Yes. So that means I have to use 2 licenses, or buy the pro version?


yes, if you want to keep free license then you have to use two free licenses (you need one email per one free license).

If you want to use pro license you will have to buy two of them (there is lower price per one when anyone wants to buy multiple pro licenses).


Thank you for the information.


you are welcome :slight_smile:


What if I use eM Client on only one computer and have a pro license?

Unless you purchase a multi-license you still have a license for one computer only.
Although you can get some great deals on multi-license purchases.


Sorry Paul, I should have explained my situation a bit more clear. I’m also wondering if this should be a new thread. I’ll explain here and then let you decide if I should move this or not.

I have a single pro license that I purchased through Cloudswave a while back. Everytime I launch eM Client I am prompted that I don’t have a valid license and I have to re-enter my key. Once I’ve done that, all is good.

Let me know!


Hi, if you’re a pro license user, please use the pro license support at http://support.emclient.com/ or contact support@emclient.com, as a pro license user you are entitled for priority support there.

Thank you,

P.S. Check if you are able to access this website http://licensing.emclient.com/, if you are not there’s a possibility you’re using proxy or firewall that disabled the ability to contact the licensing server for the application.