I have some question about the maximum size of the data.

I have a big data of windows live mail. Can I use your software or not?
The data size about 120 Gb of 5 account.

Hi, it is possible to use the application for your current data, however I would recommend having this data synchronized with your email server, allowing you to download only the messages you’ll need on your computer, and let the rest be safely stored on your email server.

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Thank you for you answer. But I test use eM Client after I setup account it finish allready and download mail from server the data size don’t grow up more than 2.86 Gb. It normally?

Hi again, if you’ve setup the application using your email address and password using the automatic setup, the application may have synchronized with your mail server and downloaded all the available headers of emails. If only 2.86GB data was available it’s normal. If you’re however missing some items, let us know.

Note that eM Client by default only downloads the headers of emails so if you have 120gb of data on your server, the content of the messages is still stored on the server and would be only downloaded to eM Client if you open the message or if you enable the “Download messages for offline use” option in your account settings.

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