I have problems with information search in emails with the new version 7

Since migrated to version 7, the search in emails is not working, I have made many tests and the results are not as expected

Hello Daniel,
do you perhaps have IMAP accounts set up?
For fulltext search on IMAP accounts you need to enable Download for offline use in Menu>Tools>Accounts under the IMAP tab of your account.


Hi, thanks for the information, the issue is that prior to version 6 did not passed this and had configured my account IMAP unchecked the option to download the message for offline use, so I think that obviously there is a problem in this new version not to find information in e IMAP accounts in e-hosted on the server. If an update to correct this problem let me know please-

I am having the same problem.  Each problem I keep coming across seems to NEVER be EM Clients issue.  Open Advanced search when you click on the arrow to toggle down, and there you can enter in what you are looking for.  This is the only thing I found that will work.