I have lost all e mail ( in box) older than jan 6,2015. Where can I find them?

All mail older than jan, 6, 2015 is gone, out of the inbox. I can’t find an archive file. Where can I find my e mails?
Archive is set to ask for archiving, but no question for archiving so far. I have installed em Client

Hi, if you’re using the automatic archiving option, can you please make a screenshot of your automatic archiving options from the application settings in Tools > Settings > Mail > Automatic Archiving?

Can you please check if the messages are available on your mail server by logging into your webmail?

What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About? What mail service are you using with eM Client?

Thank you.

i am not using automatic archiving. I have tried to archive manually but that does not seem to work. clicking on perform archiving has no action at all.
I am using version 6.0.21372.0
herewith a screen shot of setings as requested


Hi, based on this setting, I’m positive the messages were not archived using eM Client. Have you been able to check if the messages are still available on the server?

Using the current setup, eM Client is setup to archive no folders for your account, below “Archiveren bereik” you have to setup the archiving scope and setup what folder should be archived after you perform the archiving option.

You can either select Inbox, Inbox including subfolders or all your folders. Then you can archive manually or automatically, by either let the archiving run or perform manually using the perform archiving button.
Note however that this is offline archiving option, this archiving utility will remove the message from your mail server and save it locally to your eM Client database, this has been a widely used feature on old mail servers with a limited mailbox size on the mail server.


The messages are not on the mail server.
I understand that there is no archive, but why are the messages gone? Is there a feature in em client that deletes “older” messages as from a certain moment in time?
Where can i find the archived messages as soon as the archiving is set up.
I have tried this once but I can not find the archive folder

Hi again Lucas, eM Client does not include any other features that would be deleting or moving your email automatically, so unfortunately I’m afraid I can’t be more helpful in finding the messages.

If however you’ve already tried to perform the archiving with the archiving scope setup, please try to check your local folders, where the archive should be automatically created once you perform first archiving.
To enable local folders, please navigate to Tools > Settings > General, and check the option “Show local folders”.

Thank you,

… sorry, if you’ve performed archiving already, archive folder should be displayed automatically in the left pane, without the need to enable local folders.


Paul, it still is very strange that all mail before jan 6 2015 are gone.
I have tried archiving just a minute ago, result, all mails from inbox older than jan 2 2015 are gone! no archive folder found.
find herewith screenshot of settings and main page as you see no archive folder


Hi again Lucas, it may be a silly question, but have you tried scrolling down in the list of your folders in the left pane, as Archive would be listed below all your other accounts, or try to compress the currently unrolled account folders.
In worst case scenario, please also try to enable the local folders in your application settings.

Or possibly try to search for one of the messages using the search feature in all your folder including the archive if eM client will be able to find one of the possibly archived messages.

Thank you,

i had tried to scroll down but ther are no more files than allready showed.
I have tried to find the recent archived mals with find function, and this WORKED, The mails i had just archived are back but I don’t know where they where stored.
And only the mails up to jan 6 are back so the question of why these mails are gone is still open.


Hi again, if you’ve found the messages using search and they show up in the search result, you should be able to display the folder name in which the message is stored by showing more columns to the list of searched items. 

Switch to the “Messages on the Bottom” in the Layout options under View > Layout, search for the items and you should be able to see what folder they’re located in under the “Folder” column, if this column is missing in the list of messages, right click the columns and adjust column configuration for this to be displayed.

Hope this helps.