I have just paid for a license what is my activiation key ?

Where is the activation box

Hello Richard,
when you purchase a license, you should receive the mail with your license information right away. (maybe check your SPAM folder?)

Please mind that the forum is meant as a FREE users support and while we do monitor it, it is not a 24/7 service.

If you experience issues with your purchase it is much better to contact sales department - sales@emclient.com (this contact can be found on our website)

I sent you a reset email with your license. Let us know if you need any further help.


Hi Olivia

Thanks for your email. There is nothing in my Spam box and I have received nothing from yourselves regarding yesterday’s purchase. Cannot get through to your sales office.

Hello Richard,
I am sending you the license info through my address (because I managed to generate the email to myslef without the issue).
Please do let me know if you received it this time.

It should arrive from rust@emclient.com to the address under which you registered the license. If you need me to send the license to a different address, contact me from that address, please (so you don’t have to share your personal info on the forum).


I have not received your email. Please try my other email site please eversfield34@sky.com This is becoming embarrassing and I will be taking this out on the IT person who put your system on. rja

  The issue has been resolved.I have been able to find the activation code by using my laptop.  If I had not done so one would never have been able to get in my email boxes. Your system needs to be looked at because there must be other people having the same issues !.

I activated the free licence but one has brought a licence for good with updates ?.

Do I need to deactivate the free licence and activate the new paid licence ?

Please email me.

Richard Lewis.


Hi Richard-- while I don’t believe you need to deactivate the free license, you might want to as it could be used on another machine. I don’t understand the first question.

Hello Richard,
Yes, to activate a new license you need to deactivate the previous one first.

As I explained before, help on forum is not instaneous - you could have messaged me on my email address which I provided above or contact PRO support ( http://support.emclient.com/ ) if you needed urgent help.
Also, if you searched the forum, since you are here, you could have perhaps found your solution in other threads.