I have free me client and I was wondering where my emails go after one day they dissaprear. I need them.

Lost emails

Can you give us a little more detail?  What type of account is it (IMAP, POP3, Exchange)?  Are you using another device to see emails, like a phone or Ipad?  Can you still access the lost emails through other devices, or are they gone from everywhere?  What email provider re you using?

With this information, we can be of assistance.

Hi pop3 only devise is this desk top. Cannot see them at all. I’m using china creek provider. Emails last 24 hrs 

POP3 delivers them to the local machine and may or may not leave them on the server, depending on your configuration.  eM Client cannot delete emails from your system, so it’s not that.  POP3 emails typically go into local folders, can you see if local folders are set to display by going to:

menu/tools/settings/General and under the general section, make sure that “Show local folders” is checked.

Also, do you see the mail folders on the left side of the program?  If not, right-click on one of the panels (like calendars or tasks) and ensure that “Mail” is checked.

Let me know if this helps.

Noda , nope, nothing, all seems to be right with what you suggest what else you got ?
Thank sRay

Any error messages?

no, It has keep my trash and my sent items though

Did you set up any rules?  I’m running out of ideas, as eM Client won’t delete or move anything unless you tell it too.

I’m a very long-time user of v6.xxx and  have never seen this kind of thing. Have certainly seen plenty of other bad head banging against the wall stuff, but smooth sailing last couple yrs. with v6.  I know, of no help at all…sorry.   Perhaps a latent v7 bug that’s situation dependent. Most of our configs and applications are unique to our own needs and situation, so who knows.

Programmer’s maxim: “All software has bugs, some just haven’t been found yet”.

I was also thinking it may be a Rule, but Rules do not have the age condition, so it would either disappear immediately or not at all. 

Ray, what happens if you search for one of these lost messages? Do they show in the results at all?

Also, can you check that the account is setup as POP3, because this seems more like an IMAP issue than a POP3 one. Go to the account settings, then by clicking on your account you should see General-POP3-SMTP-Diagnostics tabs.

It should look like this:

Not this:

Hi , My mistake it is set up like a imap account and also I do recive emails on this account on my home computer on outlook.

If your home computer is setup as POP3, then it may be downloading and deleting the emails from the server. That could be why you no longer see your emails in eM Client after one day.