i have completed my email action to obtain a free licence, but you are still advising me l have i day left

free licence

I understand that you obtained the license key but now you have to activate it in the eM Client application.
You can find it in Menu > Help > License and press Activate button. There you will insert the license key.

Please let me know whether this information was helpful.

Dear sir I understand the activation requirement, but do not know where to menu-help-license
would it be possible to send me the link , as I am being advised that I have zero days to action this

Russe, please, can you aanswer also to my topic: Font in the head of answer/forwarding

Help please

Dear sir
I have not received any emails since lunch time

you can simply find it in the application right here:

URGENT - URGENT -This response was not helpful, I asked in a second email see below where I find menu>help license with no days left to activate, You have now  blown me out and I unable to send emails help required please

Dear Sirs
I have found your emails in the “junk box” I have found menu help and license , but are unable to find my key ref to activate my licence

Dear sir
I have sent you this email via Microsoft windows 10 explaining that I have now found the activation site which is asking for my key number which I do not know and you have kicked me of the server you will be unable to advise me. the problem has been all your responses have been going directly into my junk box
do you need a mobile phone to text me the key ref