i have an error with em client with free license

i have an error with em client with free license and i can’t reactivate it, it show error “You have an license error, please contact support” 

As the error suggested, did you contact eM Client? You will find contact details at http://www.emclient.com/company-information

Same here. Now i am trough with em client. Everyy few weeks another f***** Licence problem.

I have been using eM Client for years and have never had a license problem.

M. can you explain a bit more about this problem you are having every few weeks? Anything you can think of that might be causing it, like using the license on more than one computer etc.?

I used em client for many custumers.

Fortunately my own license works fine.
Now i`m on a point that I cant recommend em client any longer.
Problems as a standard e-mail application, license problems, slow starts,
often the auto backup is set to not acitivatet...

If you have a Pro License you might consider opening a support ticket for these problems. I am sure that something can be done.