I have a recurring 'Error' and I can't stop it.

I tried to create a folder under the ‘inbox’ called “___ Tex Tickets”.  It failed and gave me an error.  That was fine…  but a week later, now maybe 6 times a day I get an error message saying [IMAP] Unable to create folder “… @gmail.com/Inbox/___ Tex Tickets”  on the server. ([CANNOT] Folder contains excess whitespace (Failure))

The above of course has my full email address.

I cannot find a way to stop this error repeating.  Can anyone assist?

Log in to Gmail using the web interface and rename the folder to something more conventional like “Tex Tickets”.

Restart eM Client and then right-click on the All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair.

Thanks Gary…  but the name as said in the error does not exist.  I created an alternative in the browser interface and it is listed there as “INBOX/TexTickets”  
eM Client however doesn’t see it that way.
Should I delete the one I just mentioned and try and do it again?
The error I get is not the same as that name I created in the browser.

As it is an IMAP account, just remove it from eM Client, then add it again. That will give you  a fresh new sync of what is on the server without any corrupted cache that might be there.

Thanks…  we’ll see, but that seems to have fixed it.  I think I like em Client.  I might upgrade to paid version…  I have had Outlook 2010 to now with business email, but gmail won’t work with it these days.  This seems a good replacement!