I have a paid licence, can i set up two user accounts on same pc?

I have a paid licence and all my work emails and personal are mixed together into one install of emClient.

I want to split up my work and personal life on my PC. In windows 7 i can create a new user for personal.

However, when i try to run emClient in my personal user account, it said i would have to go through activation again in 29 days. Does this mean i have to buy another licence?

In other words, is it treating it as a totally different computer, instead of just another user account on the same computer?

It seems unfair if i have to buy another licence when all i am trying to do is split up my emails.

Please help.


Hello Colin,
the license should definitely be per-device, but the databases are separate for each user. You can definitely use the same license, maybe the computer just needs to check in with the server first.
Check in with the server using the Menu>Help>Check for update 
If that does not work input the license key manually in Menu>Help>License