i have a list of email addresses in excel. how can I import them ? Any ideas please

Importing email addresses

Import them to do what exactly?

Import as contacts? That will be tricky as contacts are .vcf formatted. See here:

If you just want to use them in a mailing list:

  1. Copy and paste the column of email addresses into a blank Microsoft Word document.
  2. A small clipboard appears to the right of the data. Click on this once and select  Keep Text Only.
  3. Click the REPLACE button on the Home tab (sometimes found under Edit > Replace).
  4. Click inside the “Find” box and enter  ^p. (Hint: The carat symbol “^” is typed using Shift-6.)
  5. Click inside the “Replace” box and type in a semi-colon. (Hint: The semi-colon key on most keyboards is to the immediate right of the letter L.)
  6. Click the  REPLACE ALL  button. When the process is finished, hit  OK  and close the Find/Replace window. And you now have a list that can be copied and pasted into the To:, Cc: fields in a message.