I have a large email with photos in drafts that would not send. I just can't seem to delete it

unable to delete draft

Before deleting the draft, open it and try to delete all the photo attachments.
After that you will be able to delete the draft I think.

Hey Yeshua - ‘Open’ is such a simple solution to my question, how to send a draft email. It needs much better promulgation on emclient

Saying “Open” I mean reopen your draft if you closed it after creating it.
And then you’ll be able to delete the photos inside.

I think you have to rearrange your eMail Client setings to be able sending large e-mails.
As you can see in the attached photo of my settings I made it 20MB.

Generally do not send e-mails larger than 15MB , the maximum is as I know 20MB.