I have 3 email addresses with the same server. How can I stop receiving several copies of every email?

I have 3 email addresses, all forwarded to em client via virgin. In outlook express, I received one copy only of messages and could send emails from any of the 3 addresses. Now, I get 3 copies of all incoming emails. One in each folder…

I think maybe you have setup the same account 3 times.

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, and see how many accounts are setup. If there are 3, then click on each in turn and see what login name you are using. If they all have the same login, they will all receive the same messages.

Hi Gary, thanks for replying so swiftly - I am very new to em client and finding it all a bit complicated! Yes, I do have 3 accounts set up - one for each of the email addresses… If I delete any of them, won’t that mean I wont’ receive the emails addressed to that name…? Also, I want to be able to reply from any of the addresses. Help gratefully received.

Don’t delete anything yet. You first need to confirm that all three have different login names otherwise this is not going to work.

Yes, they have the same login name…

my main email address is with virgin. the other 2 are forwarded to virgin via a web host.

It appears that you have the same account setup 3 times, that is why there are 3 duplicates in the Inboxes. If they have an IMAP tab like in my screenshot above, then you can go ahead and delete two of them.

If they have a POP3 tab, don’t delete anything, because that will delete the messages. 

Always make a backup (Menu > File > Backup) before deleting accounts - just in case!

Once you have a single account setup, you can add the two other email address for the forwarded accounts by clicking on the Aliases tab.

That will enable you to send messages from those addresses by selecting the address from a drop-down in the new message window. 

Aliases don’t work with all email providers if the provider does not allow you to send from an address different to your login one. Try and see what happens.

Wow, this looks great - thanks! I’ll try it and get back to you.

gary, I have done it!! thanks so much! btw, how do you do a screenshot? 

On Windows, the easiest way is with the Snipping Tool.

Brilliant! I’ve just upgraded to windows 10 from xp so am very ignorant! This looks like a great tool. Thanks again, and sorry for bothering you. have a great day.