I have 2 sent folders one in iphone and one of my computer

I have an IMAP connection on my iphone The iphone is giving me the option of putting “sent” on the server in Inbox/sent but I can also see a greyed out inbox with the folder sent. My computer is sending sent messages to the greyed out inbox/sent. When I tick this on my iphone it ignores it and sends sent to the inbox/sent. So I now have 2 sent folders and I only want one

Have a look at this post https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/sent-folder-failed-synchronization

You may need to change the Sent special folder to Inbox.sent (Depending on the server it may be Inbox.Sent )

Then restart eM Client. 

Yes brilliant. It’s fixed on my computer I went to Menu/Tools/Accounts and then IMAP tab scroll to the bottom and under special folders set it to Sent not inbox.Sent. I have now syncronised my phone and computer. Thanks for your help.

Oh yeah, the other way around. Sorry. Glad you got it working.

Most appreciated. Thanks