I have 1 payed mail account but

I have one payed account so i can use EMClient at one PC.
Now i want EMClient at my Desktop PC and my Laptop.
When i use one of them active i don’t the other because my laptop is
on my hollidayadres mostly. How is it possible to do this.
My excus for my bad english because i live in the NL.

If you switch from one computer to another with the same one free or pro license, just go to “Menu / Help / License” and click “Activate” on your other computer. This will not only activate the computer you are using, but also automatically deactivate the computer you are not using.

The other way is to click “Deactivate” on the computer you are not using (before going to your other computer). Then click Activate on the new computer. Normally though it’s an automatic process.

Thanks, i go try this.

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