I get 300 emails a day from 2 accounts

…but this email client does not have a Smart folder system which allows me to read ‘todays’ emails? Unread emails, yes. I apply multiple rules, to emails coming into my accounts… then, once they are read I have to search through the folders for today’s emails…

Unread messages from all email accounts are displayed in the Unread folder. If this folder is set to sort by Received, then all today’s messages will be grouped at the top.

If you want a folder to include messages from all or selected folders, go to Menu > Settings > General and make sure that Show Search Folders is selected.

Then right-click on Search Folders and choose New Search Folder.

You can select which folders to include, or leave it al All Folders.

Give it a name and save it.

The is new folder, if sorted by Received, will show all messages, with those from today grouped at the top of the list.

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And in case you are about to ask, no, you can’t set the Search Folder to display only today’s messages. :grin:

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Thanks Gary… EmClient is good and almost there… but not yet. I’ll try it again in 6 months. Thanks again.