I downloaded and paid for the Pro upgrade.. but

I haven’t been able to install it, and since I downloaded it. my gmail account, which I have successfully used for years, now doesn’t update automatically for incoming e-mail. It does on the gmail.com website, so gmail is working fine. but isn’t feeding through to my e-client. So I have a load of unread e-mail in the past few weeks at gmail.com but nothing in eClient. I have too many contacts loaded in eClient to risk losing them. What’s my next move? 

I would delete the Gmail account and reenter the information.  Since Gmail typically uses IMAP, the eM Clent will synchronize with the server upon setup and no data will be lost.  The automatic setup should work fine.

Thanks for the reply. No joy though. I deleted and reinstalled the account using the automatic setup and now have nothing. No e-mail. no contacts, nada. I just checked back through my banking transactions, and I did indeed pay for the Pro upgrade in mid October which is when things started to go pear shaped/ I can’t now find the file to install the upgrade, and I’m reluctant to do it until I get the basic version fixed. I also keep getting a message that my Demo Version has expired. I’m using Windows 10 (which I hate) if that helps. Is there any number I can call to speak to someone at eM Client on the phone? 

Thanks again