I don't use Notes because

At the moment I don’t use Notes at all. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that it doesn’t have the features I need to prompt me to use it in my professional & personal life.

The rest of EM Client is brilliant, and I use all of it every day…even Widgets! But Notes, unfortunately, seems to me to be the neglected member of the family, in that it’s too under-developed to be of any real use. It has the basic abilities of any Note taking application, but no more. Because of this it’s just not useful enough to make me want to use it in the same way I use the other modules (daily).

The following are just some suggestions which might make Notes useful enough for me and start me using it.

  • To help with organisation & usability, some kind of coloring, for both folders (along the lines of calendars) & also note backgrounds would be nice.

  • Since I code a bit, some form of basic syntax highlighting would be extremely useful too. I could then use Notes for saving & modifying snippets. I’m not talking about a full code editor, but something where - in it’s most basic form - keywords could be detected & highlighted. The notes program I use at the moment (which is free) is NOT a code editor but does have syntax highlighting built in for different types of files, which is a major reason for me using it. It falls short in terms of organisation though, since it doesn’t keep notes together in a structure as EM Client Notes does.

  • Some way of saving & applying styles / formatting would also be very useful.

  • As would the ability to color tables & cells.

  • Again with tables, I like to have a basic ability to do simple calculations like add, subtract, multiply & divide.

  • On my wish list would also be basic conditional formatting, though this may be getting too much into traditional spreadsheet territory.

  • I’d like to be able to export in more formats other than just .ics, for instance .txt, .rtf and a few others…

I do appreciate that Notes is just meant to be an uncomplicated note taking module, but personally I’ve no use for it unless it gains some enhancement to help me in my daily life & work. It’s just too basic & too general purpose to be of use to me at the moment (hence, it’s redundant).

I’m sure I can’t be the only one who feels this way?

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Yes, Notes is something new to eM Client, and is a very basic feature.

I think because it is an iCal format, it does not have the advanced formatting options like you might find in Evernote or similar applications. It is jut a very simple note taking option. It is HTML though, so maybe there are some options that someone with your experience could investigate. Personally I find editing the source of a Note too much endeavor.

Because it is iCal, ics is the only option for export.