I deletmy email account and I lost all the emails, how can I recover?

By mistake, I deletmy email account and I lost all the emails, how can I recover?

If by delete my email account, you mean you deleted it in em Client only (and if it was an IMAP account), you can create the email account again in eM Client and obtain your emails from the server. Even if it was a POP account, you might recover emails this way, depending on how your settings were established.

If you have a database backup from EMC, you could try a restore.

At any rate, more details might be helpful.

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thank Hello, the problem is that I unsubscribed from the hosting hosting

Then it’s not a question that can be answered here. You’ll need to get in touch with the hosting company and see if there’s anything they can do. Maybe they have a grace period where your data, email, etc. is still available.

somewhere on a hard disk are the emails saved

Well yes, there is that perhaps. Emails are stored in the EMC database, if you elected to download message for offline use, and you haven’t deleted the account in EMC. If that’s the case, you should be able to open EMC - it will try to sync but fail because you server account is gone - and still see your email that were downloaded. That’s about all I can suggest.

I move my emails over from IMAP accounts to local after a couple of days, so the backups should have them all.