I crash for no reason..why? see attached


i think i was just hittting reply and it crashes

What version of eM Client do you have ? and do you have Windows or Mac OS.


just updated to this…actually…open attached

windows 10

Is it still crashing now when replying with V8.2.1233 ? Or is it ok.

If it’s still crashing, uninstall the program and “don’t delete the database when asked” and then reinstall and see how it then goes.

There is also a new update 8.2.1237 via the version history page you can try too. https://www.emclient.com/release-historyhttps://www.emclient.com/release-history

Note : If you do upgrade to a new version, backup first via “Menu / Backup” just incase.

it just crashed again today when trying to save some file

Could you click the “show error” button and copy/paste the error text?

next time it happens, i mwill
i downloaded april 7 patch and installe dit this am