I cound not search email in trash folder if the email unread before


I have a small proplem while I tried to search email in trash folder. Let me say about one example to explain more about the proplem:

I received a new email in Emclient application in desktop, then I read it, and then I deleted it. so the email moved to trash after I deleted it. if I search any word in the email I deleted, it will show the result for that email (the email deleted).
But in another email I received without Emclient application in desktop (I received email via blackberry phone or via browser of the mail server), I read it and then I deleted it , then If i want to find the word in the email , it did not show the result

Any idea about this proplem?


and is that email synchronized into Trash folder? Or does your Blackberry deletes that email for good?

can you also check please if your email is still on the server?


Hi John,

I deleted email from blackberry phone, But the email synchronized in to Trash folder when I open Emclient and it also mark us unread in Trash folder. Ofcouse, the email still on the server

it is possible that the Trash folder has not been fully synchronized yet so eM Client obviously cannot find the message you are looking for. Try to open the Trash folder first and then perform the search. Let me know if that works.